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The Importance of Customer Engagement

Live streaming videos from recipes to how to color your hair to sports personalities sharing their gym routines have shown how brands can stay connected with their customers. Already in 2015, the advent of the live-streaming app Periscope was a new and different way to connect with followers. It was a breakthrough in that the immediacy of the app encouraged viewers to participate. Viewers could do this by sending comments, which the person sharing the video could respond to in real-time.

Choosing to DRVE Through a Crisis

Time keeps on slipping by. We’re living in a time of social and economic upheavals. We have all acclimatized to the difficulties navigating the limitations put on daily life by the coronavirus. Governments have unleashed a flurry of capital injections and funding initiatives, many of which are geared to safeguard businesses with access to capital markets, leaving SMBs to face troublesome times alone. The evolving landscape is bringing certain challenges to the forefront. The question of how to advertise, what to advertise, or whether to advertise at all, are among the greatest quandaries facing brands today.

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Ecommerce & The Hero’s Journey

The world as we know it has shifted. Whether we realize it or not, we’ve found ourselves on the path of ‘The Hero’s Journey’, but why is that relevant to business and what does that have to do with ecommerce? The Hero’s Journey is a classic narrative structure that’s shared by stories the world over. It consists of 3 parts that represent a monomyth that we can observe in most, if not all, cultures. For that reason it outlines a process that is relevant to the entire human family. It’s no secret that adverse conditions provoke change. In fact, some of the most ingenious solutions were produced in times of great strain, I mean, whoever heard of a breakthrough without first having a problem!? Whilst change can create the ideal circumstances to begin a new venture let’s be honest about the good, the bad, and the ugly that lead to innovation.

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Navigating Ecommerce In Uncertain Times

Ecommerce may be the solution, but how do we do it responsibly during a crisis? Not only has ecommerce and D2C changed the face of retail, but the advent of the novel coronavirus pandemic is altering consumer behavior and possibly the way we do business entirely. Coronavirus, or COVID-19, is without a doubt uprooting everyday…

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Product Pages — How to Turn Traffic into Customers

You know what fundamentals go into building a product page and you’ve built a good product page. Perhaps you’ve even succeeded in increasing the traffic to that product page, but how do you make that good product page a great product page and turn that traffic into customers?

There is a lot of information out there and it can be overwhelming. We’ve compiled a list of the 13 best tips from industry experts to boost your product page’s performance and achieve the conversion rates dreams are made of.

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Influencer marketing done right

There’s no doubt that influencers can be a powerful marketing tool for businesses to promote their products and/or services. But deciding on what channels and which influencers would be the most impactful for a brand can be a challenge for some. In this article, you’ll find out what it takes to do influencer marketing right.

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Instagram, Snap and TikTok – what’s what and where to go?

With a global combined user base of almost 3.5 billion people, it’s hard to imagine a world without social media. Brands can reach a larger audience than ever before through an endless variety of platforms. It is a strong and growing channel in the digital marketing space. Although relatively mature players like Facebook and Instagram dominate the market and make it hard for new social media startups to gain traction, some of them have been able to gain impressive ground.

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The impact of online ad spend on the travel industry

In the travel industry, online marketing is essential. Where in the past bookings were only possible in-store or by phone, digital tools now lead us through the entire customer journey from inspiration to orientation and ultimately to a booking. This shift is pushing travel brands to spend more resources on online advertisement, but how big exactly is that impact on the travel industry?