We are DRVE

We provide capital to drive your online revenue to new heights at our risk, on our bill making it effortless for you. Want to know more about DRVE and our work? Here are our Frequently Asked Questions:

DRVE has a unique approach that provides capital to drive the growth of our program partners’ companies. For our capital, a provision is charged on online sales as we do not count hours and have no hidden fees. By connecting our bank accounts to your ad accounts, we can deploy up to $50,000 per day towards your paid digital marketing budget.

Our focus at DRVE is to boost online sales growth, leaving offline sales solely attributable to our partners. However, many of our partners have seen their online success translate into offline interest via bricks-and-mortar sales or distributors/retailers, as an added bonus to DRVE’s digital reach.

Minimum eligibility criteria includes:

  • A unique product or service sold online
  • In business for 6 months or more
  • A website built for online sales
  • Incorporated in the European Union, Canada, USA, Singapore, Japan, Australia or New Zealand
  • Social proof and active content strategy
  • Online sales track record $/€ 15k per month

If your business does not meet this criteria, we do not currently have a program in place to support your growth, but check back soon as we continue to add programs to help businesses along the growth curve.

  • Velocity Program – A fully managed program where DRVE funds your paid digital marketing budget and manages your strategy on your behalf, power by our in-house AI system. This program is made for proven and high growth online businesses that are looking to scale rapidly, as we charge a revenue share that is reinvested on a recurring basis to constantly compound your revenue growth. Our Velocity Program offers are based on your revenue, ad performance and analytics. We invest up to $50k per day and see program participants as partners, seeking long term growth and have a hunger for scale. We assume all risk, on our bill and earn only when our partners earn.
  • FastForward Program – As we continue to develop new programs that better support online businesses and deliver maximum value, we have discontinued the FastForward Program with new and enhanced programs in the pipeline to take its place.

Once you have qualified, our onboarding process usually takes between 3 – 10 days to connect the systems, review and rightsize your existing marketing setup. When onboarding is complete, our team will initiate campaigns and testing for growth.

Our team’s accumulated experience, expertise and track record are complemented by automated systems and algorithms that work across multiple platforms/channels. This allows DRVE to work across a wide spectrum of products, brands, categories and markets with a data-based approach to scale online sales. By investing our own capital into the marketing of our partners, DRVE is performance based and aligned with partners to constantly seek and develop growth opportunities.

In addition, DRVE partners with a variety of industry leading platforms and networks which our program partners can access.

At DRVE when we refer to growth, we refer to actual realized revenue via online sales. We do not require an upfront budget or bill you hours for our efforts, our programs are solely aligned with the actual revenue we generate for our partners. We believe that every business should strive to achieve positive cash flow and profitability.

DRVE has a global mindset that has enabled us to reach and succeed in markets across the world over. Our experience, diverse team and know-how make us an ideal partner to conquer new markets and execute regional expansion while achieving actual online sales growth.

DRVE connects with key ecommerce channels and platforms, algorithmically determining how capital can be allocated for performance towards your paid digital marketing campaigns.

DRVE employs a provision structure, which refers to amount of capital kept for a purpose. In the case of our programs, we charge a percentage on online revenue. This provision percentage represents every DRVE needs to fund and manage your paid marketing activities including the budget itself and all the resources (i.e. systems, people, partnerships, etc) required to make it generate revenue performance.

Another way to look at the provision as a fixed marketing cost per order that the DRVE team is responsible and accountable to manage for performance. A provision is typically a charge between 30% and 50% on online revenue. We analyze your historical analytics and your relevant markets to determine a suitable rate that ensures growth.