We are DRVE

Our programs help fund your growth without having to sell a piece of your business. We provide capital to drive your revenue to new heights at our risk, on our bill making it effortless for you. Want to know more about DRVE and our work? Here are our Frequently Asked Questions:

DRVE has a unique approach that provides capital to drive the growth of our program partners’ companies. For our capital, a revenue share is charged as we take no equity and have no hidden fees. We can deploy up to $50,000 per day or advance up to $500,000 towards your paid digital marketing budget.

Our focus at DRVE is to boost online sales growth, leaving offline sales solely attributable to our partners. However, every partner on our programs has experienced success offline via bricks-and-mortar sales or attention from distributors/retailers, as an added bonus to DRVE’s digital reach.

We currently only provide financing for companies with a physical or virtual product. If your business is not within these categories, we do currently not have a program in place to support you, but check back soon as we expand.

Minimum eligibility criteria includes:

  • at least 6 months of consistent revenue history
  • average monthly revenue of at least $/€20.000 over the last 6 months
  • business must be incorporated (ie. corporations or limited liability companies)

  • FastFoward Program – A solution for businesses that have an existing marketing team or know-how that seek funding for their budget. We provide capital upfront, dedicated to paid advertising where we charge a small monthly fee and revenue share of online sales until repayment. We can fund up to $500k monthly to FastForward partners based on the due diligence we conduct on your analytics, track record and profile. This is not a loan with interest and collateral but rather an advance to fund paid digital advertising to grow online revenue.
  • Velocity Program – We fund your paid digital marketing budget and manage your strategy on your behalf, power by our in-house AI system. This program is made for proven and high growth online businesses that are looking to scale rapidly, as we charge a revenue share that is reinvested on a recurring basis to constantly compound your revenue growth. Our Velocity Program offers are based on your revenue, ad performance and analytics. We invest up to $50k per day and see program participants as partners, seeking long term growth and have a hunger for scale. We assume all risk, on our bill and earn only when our partners earn.
  • B2B Program – We fund and assist your search for Retailers and Wholesale Partners. Our team can tailor solutions to meet your target B2B audiences and with our network we have access to a variety of industry leading players to help you bring your products into new markets.

Once you have applied it usually takes 24 – 72 hours to verify your application, connect the systems and get you started.

Our team’s accumulated experience, expertise and track record led to the development of an automated AI-driven digital marketing engine that works across multiple eCommerce platforms. This allows DRVE to work across a wide spectrum of products, brands, categories and markets with a data-based approach to generate online sales growth.

On top of that DRVE partners with a variety of Industry leading platforms and networks which our portfolio companies can access.

At DRVE when we refer to growth, we refer to actual realized revenue via online sales without selling a piece of your business. We do not require an upfront budget or bill you hours for our efforts, our programs are solely aligned with the actual revenue we generate for our partners.

DRVE has a global mindset that has enabled us to reach and succeed in markets across the world over. Our experience and know-how make us an ideal partner to conquer new markets and execute regional expansion while achieving actual online sales growth.

DRVE connects with key eCommerce channels and platforms, algorithmically determining how much capital we can confidently allocate towards your paid digital marketing campaigns.

Repayment is made from your future business revenue. A percentage of each transaction is applied towards repaying the advance until it is repaid in full. There is no set repayment date, as we understand your business can fluctuate throughout the year.

The repayment percentage typically is between 1% to 35% of future revenue to keep a healthy cash flow in your day to day operations and depending on the program you are in. We work with you to determine a rate that will be beneficial for everyone.