Partner Story: Hip



Hip is a sustainable housewares company that is changing the perception of plastic as a single use item within the industry by providing access to innovative products for everyday use.

Founder Richard Smiedt, a celebrated product designer for 20+ years, wanted to get closer to his
customers. He created his latest venture, Hip, to get to the heart of what’s important to his
product users by continuing to push boundaries and create original design-driven solutions.






Hip faced business challenges early on; getting the mix of products right and making sure that and the basket values were correct for profitability.
Knowing that he was not inclined to understand or take on the management of digital marketing channels, Richard sought out a company to take
on that responsibility; “I like DRVE very much, and I think what they’re doing is commendable… they are really professional in everything they do and
I feel confident that I’m in the right hands.”
Velocity is a different model than anything Richard has tried before; “The major benefit of our relationship
is that both of us have to be successful; DRVE puts a lot of time and effort into building online sales on behalf of their partners and if
the numbers aren’t there then it doesn’t work for them either. I hope we will have great success together. I expect ample growth”



“Working with DRVE has been a dream. As with anything, professional people, who do what they say they are going to do, when they say they are going to do it, and come through on everything, is comforting.”
Richard Smiedt


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