Partner Story: Sahajan





Sahajan is an evidence-based natural skincare line
established on the 5,000 year old science of Ayurveda. 

Founder Lisa Mattam, didn’t want her daughter to play with her skincare
products fearing what the chemicals might do to a young child’s skin. Lisa
turned to the rich heritage of Ayurveda traditions in which she was raised.
That was the start of her Sahajan journey. She is committed to bringing all natural,
evidence based products that balance healthy, mindful living.





Based in Canada, Sahajan made a good start going it alone in North America. Ready for the next stage of growth,
Sahajan amplified their brand awareness and increased digital sales in the USA by taking advantage of all potential online
marketing available to them. Sahajan now plans to expand to the UK and Australian markets. This was not only
possible with DRVE’s capital funding, it was enabled by DRVE’s expertise in business expansion and online marketing.

Lisa says DRVE grows with you: “Knowing that as the business changes and we scale, I can reach out
and ask for insights about developers, social media, and potentially access even larger capital is a real asset.



“The best thing about DRVE is the team itself: The whole team is highly available. I appreciate the effort to crack the code on Sahajan’s digital marketing. DRVE’s involvement and interest in supporting the business demonstrates a true partnership to me.”
Lisa Mattam


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