Partner Story: AXIS



AXIS’ flagship product Gear, is a sleek device that integrates with your existing
smart home devices to automate and motorize your existing shades.

Founder Trung Pham, originally set out to purchase smart blinds for his first
condo in Toronto. It wasn’t long before he discovered an opportunity in the
market; an affordable product that would motorize your existing shades
simply didn’t exist. Convinced that there is always a new and better
way of doing things Pham established AXIS; the smart home company.




For the four-year-old company, selling its first product: the AXIS Gear, direct from its own website, is a relatively recent development. Gear was backed early on by angel investors and crowdfunding, moving quickly from concept to development to production. Taking the next step, they began working with local advertising teams. With the help of DRVE’s FFWD program, AXIS received the capital and support needed to fuel their growth.
Discovering their local team’s current methods ineffectual and liking the experience and partnership DRVE had provided so far, AXIS made the jump up to the fully managed Velocity program.
Matthew says “It’s only been 6 months, but I can already see the potential. It’s nice to see results backed up by actual data and research as opposed to intuition. I like that DRVE can handle everything, that all our marketing needs are consolidated into one team: from capital to analytics, from Facebook to Google… There’s less to worry about, it makes setting up attributions a lot easier whilst everything remains consistent, as everyone is working toward the same goal.



“Our previous teams were local, we were used to seeing them frequently. Experiencing DRVE’s ability to collaborate globally AND effectively keep on top of communication, at a distance, even more so than our local teams were able, was awe-some.”
Matthew Vultaggio


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