The Importance of Customer Engagement

Live streaming videos from recipes to how to color your hair to sports personalities sharing their gym routines have shown how brands can stay connected with their customers. Already in 2015, the advent of the live-streaming app Periscope was a new and different way to connect with followers. It was a breakthrough in that the immediacy of the app encouraged viewers to participate. Viewers could do this by sending comments, which the person sharing the video could respond to in real-time. Facebook and Instagram Live were not far off, creating a whole new standard for online engagement. Many brands have already taken advantage of this still relatively novel feature; establishing more personalized connections with their customers by utilizing live-streaming to create a participatory environment. With the restrictions imposed by the outbreak of the coronavirus in the last 3 months, weekly time spent on online video platforms has undoubtedly gone up and continues to rise. It looks like we all might continue to be socially distanced in some sense or another for the long haul, now is the time to push hard and focus on relevant and meaningful marketing experiences to build brand affinity and relationships across any distance.

The future is e-commerce thanks to the coronavirus. Companies selling or thinking of selling online and businesses used to selling through brick-and-mortar retailers are having to rethink where to devote their time, resources, and inventory to get noticed and bought. How has your marketing strategy changed?

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Let’s think of this as an opportunity, we as a species tend to get more creative when we’re in a pinch, perhaps this pandemic may have, by chance, helped you discover your ideal customer journey?

From fundraising to product launches to teaching your viewers ‘how-to’, live streams offer brands another avenue for influencer marketing. Using the special advantages of live video; immediacy and authenticity, your customers will have fun, whilst your brand enjoys success.

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LADbible melted popsicles in a viral Facebook Live video that got over six million views. Even though the majority of the video content of these types of experiments can be monotonous, they buildup anticipation which creates excitement for the unknown conclusion and invariably those that undertook the process seemingly simply for the viewer’s enjoyment.

You might be thinking; ‘That’s great, but where do I start? That’s fun, but how do I make it meaningful? Or what could be right for me?’ Let’s peruse some proven customer engagement success stories:


The Live Consultation and Q&A

L’Oréal’s Color&Co took personalization to a new level by launching this direct-to-consumer (DTC) brand for at-home hair coloring. Color&Co gives customers personalized product recommendations through a free live video consultation and Q&A with a certified colorist or an interactive online quiz.


The Live Stream Influencer Takeover

Royal Caribbean Cruises’ goal was to reintroduce themselves to millennial consumers and show that they weren’t a stereotypical cruise line. With a weeklong Periscope campaign, following a travel influencer as he broadcasted live from five destination islands. They live-streamed the project on New York City billboards, encouraging users to tune in, whilst increasing their view counts and brand awareness among non-users.


A Peek Behind the Scenes

Naked & Famous sell in saturated markets such as the denim industry by creating captivating videos on the construction and history of their “raw” denim jeans. If you have something happening at your company headquarters, especially in the wake of the pandemic, now is a great time to demonstrate the lives of the real people behind a brand name, a logo, or a product.

Unpacking and New Product Releases

Motorola Razr’s live product showcase is an effective way to explain or display a product. For this to work you don’t have to announce something new, just show the product you have to offer in real-time. This is a fantastic and easy way to connect with potential customers since you’re only talking about something you already know.


When it comes to what people tend to want to spend their time doing, the trend is showing that they are much more likely to engage with you via live video than any other medium.

It’s become unmistakably clear that direct engagement with customers now, is more important than ever. Remember, not only can you establish a sense of ownership with your shoppers but, this is a special opportunity to showcase your brand’s unique personality.

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