“A Bold New Vision for Business Growth” – The DRVE Story

Since launching DRVE five years ago, we have concentrated on helping ecommerce startups and businesses achieve online revenue growth. In working with them, we quickly realised that this success is typically not down to the quality of their product but rather how efficiently the business can be launched into a market and grow. 

 Helping startups and businesses achieve this growth is what we do at DRVE. Behind that key focus, we provide the financing, know-how, consulting, partner support and algorithms to turn that concept into reality.

 My vision as CEO is to focus on making DRVE the go-to choice of all fast-growing businesses today. The current model with VCs pumping in money in return for equity in the burgeoning new business, or agencies delivering consultancy, does not match the needs of startups. I believe DRVE offers a better way forward for these companies, helping them translate their potential into business success. 

To achieve that, I’ve recruited high-quality people who share the vision and have the skills and capabilities to make it real. Agna Poznanska is our chief marketing officer and she is focused on leading the marketing efforts of DRVE’s partners.

 “I’m their main point of contact and work with them to develop a strategic vision and, where relevant, help to execute it,” says Poznanska. “It is not an agency-customer relationship, it is about working with the client as partners rather than seeing ourselves as a separate entity.

 “What makes this role exciting,” she adds, “is that it is an opportunity to invest in a diverse range of businesses and also work with them as they grow and develop. It is also an opportunity to add to my own learning, skills and expertise in this area. But it’s a challenge too as there is so much going on and we work with such a great diversity of businesses that we need to e creative and enterprising in coming up with solutions.”

 Nikhil Gokal, the company’s business development director, is also key in taking the DRVE story forward. “My role entails seeking out ecommerce product categories that can benefit most from our programs and then establishing a wide range of different businesses on them. I’m also focused more broadly on strengthening the overall perception of DRVE in the marketplace and improving the quality of our deliverables for organisations signing up to our programs.

 “It is exciting to be at the forefront of a genuine shift in the marketplace,” he continues, “and it is rewarding to be part of a talented multidisciplinary team. We all have great skills in our specific specialisms – and we have been able to bring our individual aptitudes together to offer something that is a genuinely new approach to driving online sales for our ecommerce partners – an innovative formula that delivers sustainable long-term business growth without having to sell a piece of your business.”  

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